Equanimous Leadership, Power & Passion

Over the years, you have probably done substantial work to develop your leadership style and skills to lead teams and organizations in a highly demanding environment. You know what it takes to be responsible and responsive continuously to the demands of your professional and personal life. You are probably more than familiar with the never-ending flow of stress coming your way:

  • Your days are filled with constant pressure and a daunting workload
  • It can be a huge challenge to maintain a healthy and effective approach towards work and life.
  • Leading and living with clarity and focus, with constructive self-awareness, inspiration and satisfaction can feel almost impossible when you are dominated by to-do lists, too many responsibilities and a continuous stream of other people’s problems.
  • It’s part of the job… but is it, really?
Welcome to Equanimous Leadership, Power & Passion

A 6-months transformational learning, development & coaching program. You will take your leadership abilities to the next level, leading with equanimity, power, and passion, regardless of highly demanding situations and environments, get rid of the continuous overwhelm and learn how to consistently lead with calm and composure.

You will learn how to step into exemplary leadership that lifts you and others to a higher level of performance and inspires win-win environments with an abundance of opportunities everywhere around you.

  • individual programs
  • group programs

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