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Life Coaching

Are you familiar with the never-ending flow of stress coming your way?
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Life Coaching for Self-Made Women & Men

Life Coaching for the bold and brave who take life in their own hands and look for the magic.

Who have strayed off the common path and cut out their own.

Coaching for the dreamers and the drifters.

Who left their comfort zones and live life through the experience of opposites, who jump back and forth between chaos and organization, between healthy and unhealthy, between steady and letting loose.

Creating an Anchor in the chaos: You

You feel you are different, you’re the one who swims upstream. One day you have it all figured out and the next you feel like you can’t keep it together. And you don’t really want to.

You blame yourself for not being stable.

You feel judged for the love-hate relationship you have with yourself and your life. You judge yourself too.

But you do believe your life is an incredible journey.

You know you will never go back, although you always feel strangely drawn to where you come from.

Above all, you want to feel alive and on fire.

Become your own anchor.

Embrace all the different sides of yourself. Bring the chaos, the organization and the magic together. Accept yourself and find trust in who you really are!


Individual coaching on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

For who: 

People dealing with challenges typical to life in an international environment:

  • Obtaining & Maintaining a healthy Work-Life Balance
  • Confusion about Belonging
    Dealing with an undesirable Workload
  • Feeling Lonely & Disconnected
  • Lacking Emotional Support
  • Sustaining Healthy Routines & Self Care
  • Struggling with a clear future perspective

Stop struggling
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