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What do I offer?

I offer Leadership Development & Team Performance Coaching:

Leaders hire me to learn how to honor their boundaries and priorities, and create inspired and responsible teams while having a fulfilling life — and consequently develop a healthy approach towards their teams, responsibilities and leadership.

Organizations hire me to address the costs and consequences of burn-out, stress, sick leave and turnover, by creating effective and healthy work environments and build inspired and responsible teams.


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From Overwhelm to Peace of Mind

When your days are filled with constant pressure and a never-ending workload, it’s not easy to be a powerful, authentic leader with a healthy and effecive approach towards your team. Leading with clarity and focus, with self-awareness, inspiration and satisfaction will never really be possible when you are dominated by to-do lists, too many responsibilities and a continuous stream of other people’s problems.

How much longer are you willing to tolerate what is draining you? How much longer are you willing to have your boundaries crossed? How much longer are you willing to continue to live with this deep sense of overwhelm?

Move from crisis and problem management, to sustainable change and a win-win environment everywhere around you!

Relentless ‘giving’ often leads to feeling unsupported, exhausted and unseen. Learning how to create a self-honoring win-win environment is key to lifting yourself and your leadership to a higher level.

Ready for change? Through a vision-based partnership, we create a thought-provoking and creative process that enables you to develop a healthy approach towards your responsibilities as a leader, how to honor your boundaries and priorities, to create inspired and responsible teams and live a fullfilling life.

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Self Made. Who? You!

Self-Made can mean different things to different people, but you’ll probably recognize yourself…

  • You had to struggle your way out of where you came from and made a life of your own
  • You create your own happiness
  • You create your own success
  • You know what it means to be on your own
  • You know, and will never forget, where you come from
  • You understand the power of feeling alive
  • You might struggle with balance in your life
  • You know how strong you can be
  • Deep inside you have a hundred doubts about yourself
  • You know what you are capable of when in your power
  • You love to live life to the fullest
  • You feel strangely alone sometimes

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What Triggers You? Why it Happens & How to Stop it

 By Minou Hexspoor - The Nomad Coach  Another quote passing by on social media. I saw this quote on the Instagram account of a fellow coach. Yet another sentence trying to tell us something about something. I often have semi-allergic reactions to all those quotes...

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Leadership and what Forbes writes about the ELI assessment

Where is your power? “Today’s leader must be participatory and flexible, yet also powerful enough to inspire others. Unfortunately, no formula is available that can teach the ideal leadership style, since what works for some people, doesn’t work for others and what...

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