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Coaching for Self-Made Professionals

Two common challenges for people working in an international environment, be that leaders, managers, entrepreneurs or business owners, are creating and sustaining a powerful, authentic leadership style and at the same time continue to feel like a competent and sufficient  parent, partner and family member.

Through developing an authentic leadership style, and addressing the core – your personal subconscious operating system – of both work and private life, you can turn this around into a truly happy and balanced reality.

At the same time it will help you gain deep insight in the operating system of others around you, enabling you to move from crisis and problem management, to sustainable change and a win-win environment everywhere around you.

Our courageous journeys towards acceptance, success and self-love are often riddled with resistance, fight, loss, change and ultimately, the hope for celebration of personal and shared victories.

How much longer are you willing to tolerate what you truly wish to change? Change happens when you become it. It’s that simple. So start here, start today!

Through a partnership with Minou, you create a thought-provoking and creative process that enables you to maximize your personal and professional potential, create balance and find trust and fulfillment in who you really are.

Depth, honesty, empathy.

Self Made. Who? You!

Self-Made can mean different things to different people, but think along those lines:

  • You had to struggle your way out of where you came from and made a life of your own
  • You create your own happiness
  • You create your own success
  • You know what it means to be on your own
  • You know, and will never forget, where you come from
  • You understand the power of feeling alive
  • You might struggle with balance in your life
  • You know how strong you can be
  • Deep inside you have a hundred doubts about yourself
  • You know what you are capable of when in your power
  • You love to live life to the fullest
  • You feel strangely alone sometimes

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