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Are you familiar with the never-ending flow of stress coming your way?
Join my Equanimous Leadership, Power & Passion Development & Coaching Program and step into leadership that lifts you and others to a higher level of performance!
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A tailor-made Leadership Development Plan including the famous ELI Assessment recommended by Forbes, individual coaching, online and real life learning.

Team Coaching & Development including the famous ELI Assessment recommended by Forbes, group coaching and online and on-the-job learning.

Coaching for the bold and brave who take life in their own hands and look for the magic. Who have strayed off the common path and cut out their own.
Utilizing my experiences and background in psychology, social work, pedagogy, leadership and coaching, I offer on-the-spot sessions for professional coaches.

Stop struggling

Transform overwhelm into a happier work-life balance step by step in just 14 days with this simple and practical guide.

Download the E-book: Create your Work-Life Balance in just 14 Days!

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