Healthy Boundaries

The Conscious Senior +65

Healthy Boundaries

The Conscious Senior +65

Maybe this is for a loved one. Maybe it’s for a close friend. Maybe it’s for you.

Older & Wiser

Social challenges have been a serious subject during corona time. But especially the 65+ generation has paid a high social and emotional price in the management of this pandemic.

It is not only that reality, but also specific challenges that come with aging, that are part of the journey of life. Are you longing to:

  • Feel connected?
  • Feel listened to and understood?
  • Have your personal boundaries respected?

Whether it is:

  • peace and reconciliation
  • looking back on life and what has and hasn’t been
  • finding joy and meaning
  • re-purposing life
  • dealing with loneliness
  • reshaping relationships with children and loved ones
  • dealing with physical problems

    This profound life phase comes with so many of its own difficulties and opportunities

The Confidante Coach

An individual Coaching Program that helps you to:

  • Unlock 7 Levels of Wisdom to shape your life in a fulfilling way
  • Create Healthy Boundaries 
  • Establish New Realities supportive of You
  • Live from a place of Joy & Self Care
  • Express yourself freely

Make It Happen

Please do reach out if you or a loved one might benefit from a confidante coach to navigate this incredible chapter of life.

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