Quarantine Queen – Hardcover


A Lockdown Voyage
Size: 21.5 x 21.5 cm

Delivery can take 20 days approximately

In March 2020 during COVID-19 lockdown, Minou and her husband embarked on an unexpected sixty days photo project full of imagination, magic, and joy, in the confines of their home.

Minou called the concept the application of Practical Imagination, and together they created an escape from daily reality for many people across the globe who were waiting for the new daily shot.

Their remarkable photos and experiences are wrapped up in this collection; an exploration of the boundaries of what we imagine our lives to be like, and how we create experiences within it.

Our boundaries outline an ever expanding and rescinding space within which we allow ourselves to express who we are. They define the playground we create within which we can choose our experiences. They facilitate what we desire to express, allowing ourselves to discover who we really want to be through consciously choosing to shape our playground towards our authentic, intuitive, and joyful self. The more we grow, the more our playground expands.

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