Minou Hexspoor Coaching

Words from my clients

Minou Hexspoor Coaching

Words from my clients

If you want to develop yourself further into a Conscious, Authentic and Empathetic Leader who runs their organization successfully and sustainably, you have come to the right place.

“My Boss was the one who suggested I work with a coach.

I was not sure how would I benefit since I never had a coach before. 

Having just started a very demanding job in a new country and dealing with a new context, I was willing to give it a try. 

I have my way of thinking and working so last thing I needed was someone telling me how to do things.

But that is not at all what happen. Actually working with Minou was one of the best learning experiences  – learning about myself.

Talking about challenges and asking questions lead to many self-discoveries. Minou was able to pull the answers that were always in me, but just searching to get out. It helped me build confidence, be focused, prioritize, and most important, learn how to appreciate myself.


Minou’s way of working is adjusting to your way of working and not the other way around. Minou’s abundant life experiences make her easy to relate to.”

Flutra Gorana – Senior Program Manager, War Child, Lebanon

“I don’t know where to start.

Minou was recommended to me by a colleague during a time I was so overwhelmed I thought my only option was the quit my job. Working with Minou turned my life around and enabled me to get rid of the continuous overwhelm I was experiencing.

She had an incredible ability to help me understand where and how
stress manifested in my life and what could be done about it.

As a coach she intuitively understood very quickly, time and again, what the core of my problems was, which I learned to see as opportunities for my own growth.

I have become a different leader because of the partnership with Minou and I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with complex work environments.” 

Anonymous – Regional Program Director Middle East & North Africa, Humanitarian Org.

“During the better part of the past 12 month I have gone through professional and personal challenges that rattled me to the core.

During this whole period Minou has been an exceptional coach to me. Her quick analytical and intuitive insights, her human warmth and willingness to share

her own experiences while listening closely, are qualities that I deeply appreciate and was able to learn from.

Beyond that, as a mentor she never stopped to remind me of my own genuine desire not to be blinded by a presumed normative effect of factual circumstances – an intellectual support which was most important during a period where my self-perception was dominated by victimization. Minou never wavered in her commitment to me as a client.

But, as is true for any relationship, in order to become the success I experienced, both parties had to invest the time and the dedication to holding up their responsibilities and commitments in this fortunate alliance.”

 Charles Ryg – Entrepreneur & Writer, Switzerland

¨I wasn’t showing up as a full leader.

My actions weren’t aligned with my principles. My economic situation was a mess. I was taking some actions to start improving it but it wasn’t enough, I didn’t have enough energy to infuse into my life/work. I was searching for something that could help me.

I used to be the type of person that hardly ever asks for help. I didn’t admit I needed assistance and I associated it with failure, I felt pride in not needing help but at the same time, it was an enormous burden on me. Coaching with Minou was a very positive experience, it was the first time I could share my struggles with someone who understood what I was going through and didn’t judge me for it, guided me through my process, listened to me, lifted me up and helped me create clarity.

The biggest gift I got was feeling appreciated and valued as a human being, of myself and the other. In the interaction with Minou. I felt like I was talking to the more balanced and healed version of myself, which was uplifting. Coaching was part of one of the hardest lessons for me: asking for help. Doing things alone is fine, but it takes much more time and unnecessary suffering.

Now I’m surrounded by more people who want to assist me and it makes me feel great. I believe the impact of the work we did on the longer term is enormous: once you’ve realized your worth you’ve also unlocked self-love which means that you can relate to yourself and others in a healthy way personally and professionally, without fears and insecurities, only with a positive attitude.

To anyone who feels stuck, I would always say the same: ask for help. I have met many people whose limiting beliefs and reluctant attitudes have made them be skeptical about how professionals can help you. Once you let go of that mental burden, you open yourself up to unimaginable possibilities and to a lot of healing.

Dana Sihov – Entrepreneur Language Learning

Make It Happen

Minou is fantastic. She’s the ideal support that you may not ever realise you needed, until you have it.

I had recently moved countries to an entirely new culture, had a young daughter, was trying to manage my own freelance business, and my husband, and main support, was frequently overseas for work. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed by the newness of my situation and the lack of support network around me, with my family thousands of kilometers away.

I approached Minou and asked her how she might be able to help.

She helped on so many fronts. She assisted me with creating a plan with focus and clear structure so I could address each aspect of my life and understand what was making me feel so overwhelmed, and how to alleviate and manage the stress.

She also aided me in understanding better what drives me, and what my true passions are, and hence where to focus my energy and not get burned out.

Minou provides structure and focus, and she’s also a very positive and empathetic person with a great sense of humour. She has travelled to, and lived in, other countries herself, so she understood perfectly what I was going through whilst trying to set up a new life and continue working on multiple projects.

I looked forward to our calls even if her questions – always pertinent – made me think about and address some of the more difficult issues in my life. One of the best things I found was that she always turned the conversation around so that I had to figure out my own way through it, with her guidance. She has given me tools for coping with all kinds of situations, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Anonymous – International Journalist

“There is not one day I don’t feel truly grateful for having had the chance to work with Minou.

She has entered my life as my coach at an extremely difficult period. I was feeling totally overwhelmed by three life-changing decisions I had to make at this time, encompassing all the major areas of my life – personal and professional – as well as moving to another country. Nothing in my life was stable and I didn’t have any support around me. Minou has been a tremendous support for me in helping me take those important decisions as well as an on-going support for the past 4 months. I am now settled in another country, I feel drive and passion again in my professional life and I am moving forward with the first steps in a very important personal project. Minou has the unique talents to feel the emotions of other people, empathize and then, with her positivity, lightens up their spirits and helps them feel confident and motivated to make the next steps. At the same time she is action oriented and will keep you moving forward quickly towards your goals. She will also celebrate every little progress you make along the way allowing you to see how you’re one step closer to your goals thus keeping the momentum going. I highly highly recommend Minou to anybody going through change or is about to initiate change in their life.”

Sabiha Mustafa – Founder of LEADEX, Hungary

“Being coached by Minou was an absolute pleasure.

Over a 4 month period Minou worked with me on a number of key areas of my life, where she intuitively coached me through  personal blocks and championed me to achieve many personal goals.

Minou is a powerful and passionate coach who clearly cares for her clients wellbeing, whilst at the same time possesses the innate  ability to carefully challenge you as an individual and nurture you through person growth. I would highly recommend Minou as a life coach to anyone.¨

Justin Shelley – Training Analyst BGC and Life Coach, United Kingdom

Being who you really are

How do you find belonging and anchoring without judgement and self-blame?

How do you embrace the love-hate relationship you have with how you deal with stress?

How do you create and sustain the life you long for?