Healthy Boundaries


for a Conscious Life

Healthy Boundaries


for a Conscious Life

Mental exhaustion? No Work-Life Balance? Continuous Stress and risk of burnout?

Create Healthy Boundaries with Minou Hexspoor Coaching

Life Coaching for Self-Made Women & Men

Life Coaching for the bold and brave who take life in their own hands and look for the magic. Who have strayed off the common path and cut out their own.

Coaching for the dreamers and the drifters. Who left their comfort zones and live life through the experience of opposites, who jump back and forth between chaos and organization, between healthy and unhealthy, between steady and letting loose.

You blame yourself for not being stable. You feel judged for the love-hate relationship you have with yourself and your life. You judge yourself too. Yet, you do believe your life is an incredible journey. You want to feel alive and on fire.

Are you longing to:

  • Stop feeling drained and start feeling inspired?
  • Stop feeling guilty because you can’t be everywhere for everyone all the time?
  • Make choices that support your well-being?
  • Have your privacy respected?
  • Feel free to ask for what you need and want?
  • Say ‘no’ when you want or need to?
  • Feel calm and composed when surrounded by stress?
  • Be  able to express your feelings freely, also when you are hurt or angry?
  • Follow your real desires in life?
  • Have your needs met?
  • Be true to yourself whatever happens?
  • See others own their accountability?
  • See others honor and respect your boundaries?

Welcome to a new reality. Being here is the next step towards living your life based on Healthy Boundaries so you can be the best version of yourself.

The JoyRide

An individual Coaching  Program that helps you to:

  • Unlock 7 Levels of Self-Determination to shape your life
  • Create your Healthy Boundaries
  • Take back the Power over your own life
  • Establish New Realities the create the life you desire
  • Make healthy changes in your life so you can make a real impact where and with whom you choose to
  • Live from a place of Joy & Self Care
  • Recognize, honor and express your healthy boundaries freely

For who:

For people who feel their boundaries are being crossed way too often, and long to always stay true to themselves, no matter what.

Make It Happen

From Overwhelm to Self Care

Transform overwhelm into a happier work-life balance step by step in just 14 days with this simple and practical guide.

Download the E-book:
Create your Work-Life Balance in just 14 Days!

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