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So, what‘s Brave & Real about me?



  • Certified Professional Coach – iPEC
  • Bachelor of Arts – Social Work
  • Master of Arts – Sociology
  • Master of Arts – ME Studies
  • Certificate – Applied Psychology

Additional Training

  • Conflict Resolution, Negotiation & Mediation
  • Methods of Solution Focused Therapy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: recognition & referral
  • Child Rights Programming
  • Management, Implementation and PM&E of Child Friendly Spaces
  • Uncovering Misconceptions and Exploring Cross-Religious Beliefs


Work Experience 

  • Certified Professional Coach – The Nomad Coach
  • Lead Trainer of Coaches – iPEC (onboarding)
  • Manager Programme Development – War Child Holland – Lebanon
    National programme development, strategic & annual planning, fundraising, competencies development, methodology & content development, PM&E
  • Project Manager – War Child Holland – Lebanon
  • Head Researcher – Data & Investment Consult
  • Psycho-social Coach & Mentor, Multi-problem families, Kompaan, The Netherlands
  • Pedagogical Coach & Mentor, Adolescents, Pactum, The Netherlands 

Because Certification Matters

I’m a Certified Professional Coach working globally with individuals and groups, providing coaching and training, focusing on authentic leadership, authentic self and living a life that’s on fire.

I’ve been trained by iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). As one of the largest and one of the best ICF-accredited coach training schools in the world, iPEC has a proven track record of success.  

iPEC’s unique coaching methodology is based on 30 years of research and has been field-tested by some of the best coaches in the business. 

So, what‘s Brave & Real about me?

Throughout my life I have struggled with finding out who I am and where I belong. With whom. Where. How.

I have invented new Self’s more than once, hoping I could adopt one that would overrule all the other parts of me.

I jumped off the deep end to start over several times. Hated myself, loved myself, and got tired of myself, picked myself up and kept building and going.

But no matter what, there was always an incredible force inside of me that drove me forward, that pushed me outside of my comfort zone again and again. A force that came from a deep unconscious knowing of which direction I needed to go, without knowing the destination, combined with a conscious awareness that there were parts of me I was unwilling to compromise.

There were things I wanted to feel and experience, even if that meant high peaks and deep valleys and a thousand questions in my mind and heart about what the hell I was doing.

Many times I was terrified.

Depletion. Confusion. Victory. Burn-out. Achievement. Loss. Love. Hurt.

Of course, that belonging I was after, had little to do with “with who and where” but with the many very different sides of me that all wanted to be part of my life.

More and more I started to realize that the only way of finding my belonging, was creating belonging inside of me for everything I am and desire to encompass.

I started envisioning all those different Minou’s standing on the beach and looking into the same direction across the water.

The lone child in me, the driven professional in me, the loving, unstructured mother in me, the forever supporting and shortcoming sister in me, the sensual poet, the challenging and loving wife.

The survivor in me who can build and destruct anything, the vulnerable woman in me, the thinker who never stops thinking and the the elf, the cowgirl and the pirate.

The woman who wants to live a life on fire.

And the more I was able to bring all those different Selves together on that beach, instead of scattered around trying to fight for their piece in me, the more I started to feel whole and learned to embrace all my Selves. Now I consciously choose to give space to everything that lives inside of me. One big bonfire.

Combining my work and life experience, I became a professional Driving Force who supports others in bringing together everything they are and want to be, to find true belonging inside, unleashing their authentic self.

All of it. Live, Love, Lead.

Being who you really are

How do you find belonging and anchoring without judgement and self-blame?

How do you embrace the love-hate relationship you have with how you deal with stress?

How do you create and sustain the life you long for?

Ready To Make a Change? 

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