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Healthy Boundaries

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Healthy Boundaries

Are you feeling constantly overwhelmed?
No work-life balance? Risk of burnout? You have come to the right place.

Are you longing to:

Stop feeling drained and start feeling energized?

Create a fulfilling work-life congruence?

Stop struggling with feelings of guilt?

Feel that your well-being is a priority?

Have time & space for self-care?

Feel free to ask for what you need?

Say ‘no’ so you can focus on what really matters?

Discuss your concerns without being judged?

Have your boundaries respected?

Be true to yourself whatever happens?


When balancing a demanding career with family and life in general, you are probably familiar with many of the serious consequences ambitious professionals often face. Think of a huge need for efficient self-care, a desire for emotional and mental support, worry about burnout, reduced mental and emotional health, work-life balance problems, feelings of guilt, a continuous stream of worries, challenging relationships in life or at work, and much more.

You might struggle with the influence of the behavior of others on you, experience a lack of understanding by loved ones about your professional life and the pressures that come with it, and you are probably very familiar with taking responsibility for or bearing consequences of situations that belong to others.

If you are an ambitious professional, and in particular an ambitious professional who learned early in life to be there for everyone and be everywhere all the time, overwhelm and stress are probably regular visitors in your life. Because of your service-oriented mindset, it might sometimes feel counter-intuitive to set boundaries when you are used to always be everywhere and support everyone. Truth is, that healthy boundaries help you stay close to yourself, keeps your vision clear, prevents burnout and supports self-care. Most of all, it helps you stay close to what is important to you and what you are all about. And, of course, it helps others to understand your needs and objectives, and honor those.


Creating Healthy Boundaries can be quite complicated when you are used to always naturally knowing and anticipating the needs of others. Learning to listen to yourself and overcoming the inner and outer blocks that get in your way, are essential to be able to live life based on self-care and self-actualization.

The Joyride coaching, counseling and mentoring program helps you to identify, establish and uphold the essential conditions needed for you in a demanding environment both personally and professionally. You too, can feel peaceful, joyful and fulfilled.


The Joyride Program

The Joyride program offers you the opportunity to create a life that meets both work and life’s priorities. Step by step you will address all the important areas in your life so you can bring back balance, self care and happiness.

1. Heal the Hurt
You are being heard and you are healing.
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2. Rouse the Rebel
et boundaries to protect yourself from harm.
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3. Mind the mind
Use the power of your mind to manage your boundaries.
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4. Care with Compassion
Take care for others without depleting yourself.
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5. Opt for Opportunity
Uncover how your boundaries create more opportunities.
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6. Jam with Joy
Explore how your boundaries allow you to create and experience joy.
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7. Play with Passion
Use your boundaries to actualize your real talents and passions.
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Make It Happen

The Seven Pillars of Healthy Boundaries for a Joyful Life:

Self-Protective Pillars

1. Heal the Hurt

My boundaries will never be respected.

The boundaries we explore in this pillar might be that you are afraid to set boundaries because people might not like you when you do. You might wonder why even bother to set any boundaries at all, because others will not respect them anyway.

Maybe you don’t even know for sure what your own boundaries look like and how to communicate them effectively. 

The risk of not dealing with this pillar of Healthy Boundaries, is that you become stuck in fear, guilt, bitterness and self-blame about what your life is all about.

  •  discover how setting boundaries can protect you from getting hurt or ending up in situations that are not serving you
  • discover how creating boundaries can help you get support from others when you need it
  • start addressing the situations and relationships in your life that need to heal or that need to change

2. Rouse the Rebel

I have to fight for my boundaries.

This pillar helps you understand the role of anger in relation to (the absence of) boundaries and the perspective of: if I don’t fight for myself, no one will respect my boundaries. 

Sometimes, anger can help get us unstuck, get us out of situations that are damaging to us.
Anger is not just about anger. It is a strong indication that something needs to change.

Anger can thus also be about connecting with your strength, your power, your inner rebel who has the courage to change the situations and relationships in your life that are not healthy for you. 

The risk of not dealing with this pillar of Healthy Boundaries is that we become generally angry with the world around us in which we feel misunderstood and provoked all the time. 

  • Find motivation and strength through connecting with your inner rebel
  • Find out how your inner Rebel can help you to create the boundaries you need in your life, especially when you feel unsafe or stuck.
  • Discover when anger is holding you back and how to transform it into the power you long for to set Healthy Boundaries and find liberation from unwanted expectations.

    Strategic Pillars

    3. Mind the Mind

    I´ll manage my boundaries.

    This pillar is about discovering the relationship between your mind, why you set boundaries and how. How are you rationalizing or coping with situations when your boundaries are not being respected, and how is that working for or against you? 

    The risk of not dealing with this pillar of Healthy Boundaries is that you end up accepting people’s reasons for crossing your boundaries, or that you hold yourself back from creating boundaries that truly serve your growth and development.

    • Find out how your boundaries can contribute to healthy and productive environments at home and at work
    • Discover how your Mind can help you to create the boundaries you need to put in place to make sure you are not ending up hurt or angry
    • Uncover ways to avoid, block or release what is holding you back from creating healthy boundaries

      4. Care with compassion
      I care about your boundaries / about my boundaries.

      This pillar is all about exploring the role of care and support to others in your life. True caregiving and support comes from a place of compassion and gratitude. Often times, when you struggle with healthy boundaries in your life, this could be because you take care of other people’s needs and wants a lot. While doing so your own needs and wants might get compromised or disappear to the background completely. 

      The risk of not dealing with this pillar is that you might end up in a vicious cycle of over giving while feeling repeatedly drained and depleted because your boundaries are not providing for the care or support you need for yourself. 

      • Discover why and when it is important to set healthy boundaries when caring for or supporting others
      • Find out what true belonging and acceptance look and feel like when you set heathy boundaries that serve your wellbeing
      • Outline your relationship with self-care and how to take care of yourself by honoring your own boundaries 

        5. Opt for Opportunity

        My boundaries create opportunities.

        This pillar is a truly exciting one! The more you are able to resolve the challenges with your boundaries in the previous four pillars, the more you will be able to create boundaries that allow for opportunities to show up and manifest in your life.

        The risk of not addressing this pillar is that your expansive boundaries might lead to spreading yourself too thin across ideas and opportunities and you end up feeling overwhelmed and unable to materialize your dreams. 

        • Explore how you can optimize your boundaries so opportunities in your life can flourish into fruition
        • Define your boundaries to outline a playground in which you feel powerful, engaging, peaceful and fulfilled.
        • Start identifying how your boundaries set the playground within which you to choose and create your own life experiences.
        • Discover how your boundaries offer the opportunity to deeply understand how you work together with others most effectively, and what the playground is for manifesting the greatest results.

        Transformational Pillars

        6. Jam with Joy

        My boundaries allow me to experience joy.

        This pillar is all about how your boundaries evolve with your growth. When you are exploring this pillar you learn how to intuitively know and communicate your boundaries from a state of flow and joy. We are part of each other’s experiences as we learn and grow together. Our boundaries define the playground within which we create and choose our experiences. Our boundaries are a playful tool to explore we are and want to be from a place of authenticity, intuition and joy.

        The risk of not addressing this pillar is you miss out on creating boundaries that sustain true purpose, spiritual growth and value in your life. 

        • Uncover how your boundaries create inspiration and growth in your professional environment
        • Create your own Playground and choose how you want to experience yourself within it, by consciously choosing your boundaries
        • Discover how your boundaries define pleasure in your life and grow and learn from all your experiences
        • Choose the boundaries that facilitate deep connection with others 

          7.Play with Passion 

          My boundaries are a venue to express my passions. I am at choice.

          Your boundaries are simply concepts you created through which you can explore different realities. In this human life, you create, experience and observe every reality together with other people and you play with your boundaries as a means of exploring your passions, your ability to create.

          The risk of not addressing this pillar is to miss out on truly connecting with what you are all about in life, what your true passions are and how to bring those into manifestation within the life you chose to live. 

          • Create the boundaries of a Playground that can entertain what you’re truly passionate about in life
          • Observe the manifestation of passion through consciously choosing your boundaries and the experiences you create within them
          • Experience being at choice of shaping your boundaries at any moment for any purpose