Drained by Overwhelm?!

Maybe you recognize yourself or others working for your organization, and the overload of priorities and never-ending to-do lists that suck the life out of everything else. If so, you’re probably also continuously running behind with addressing core priorities, and maybe you even forgot what it is like to feel calm and happy to let go of work when it is time to go home…

Lesser Brain Space

If you have been dealing with this kind of overwhelm, you probably also know that it has quite some consequences: when overwhelm and stress dominate your life for a long period of time, your brain space for everything you think, feel and do becomes smaller and smaller, and so does the space you have for others. You start believing that change is no longer possible; that the overload will never stop and that your list of responsibilities will forever be endless. Maybe you even gave up trying. But deep down inside, you crave to change it entirely and sustainably before you really fall apart and get stuck in the same cycle again and again.

Stopping overwhelm in your life takes kick-ass work (find out more here to receive the 7-Step System to Equanimous Leadership, Power & Passion Overview here), but there are simple things you can start doing today that can make an enormous difference if you are willing to honor yourself as much as you honor everything else. Things that you probably know all too well, but never really get to because there is always something else to be done. But remember:

A few tips to take to heart:

  • Be kind to yourself: allow yourself to feel what you feel, acknowledge it, and give yourself a break. Not because you have finally convinced yourself that you really deserve it, but just because you can, and because it will do you good.
  • Disconnect: decide when work time is over and disconnect from your work-email, notifications, phone calls. Ask people to respect your down time and encourage them to do the same. They know where to find you when it’s a real emergency!
  • Do something you want to do but didn’t for a while: we all know what that list looks like. Whether it is reconnecting with a friend we didn’t talk to for way too long, knitting that sweater or going for a swim, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • Take a proper break: No, not a few days off, but a proper, real vacation void of emails, proposals, or any other work-related issues.
  • Honor your body: whether is a lack of sleep or exercise, too much alcohol or unhealthy food, your body is the vehicle that keeps you on your feet every day. Pick your Top non-negotiable when it comes to healthy living and prioritize it starting today!
  • Allow yourself support: connect with someone. No, not only if you are falling apart, but just because it feels good to get stuff off your chest, whatever it is. Cry, laugh and let it go!


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