Where is your power?

“Today’s leader must be participatory and flexible, yet also powerful enough to inspire others. Unfortunately, no formula is available that can teach the ideal leadership style, since what works for some people, doesn’t work for others and what works at times, doesn’t work all the time. Any particular leader’s style is based on previous learning and experiences, while the nature of engagement, or energy – and people as engaging or energetic beings – is always changing. As a consequence, today’s leaders must not only have a great deal of knowledge and experience, they must be flexible and open to change and be able to manage their professional attitude towards the effectiveness of team performance as well.” (iPEC, 2016)

Contrary to traditional thinking and dictionary explanations of what a manager should be doing (controlling and administrating), true leadership refers to your ability to lead, influence and inspire your environment, both on the professional and on the personal level. And really, when we look around in our lives, we are all able to pick out those people who just always seem to hold the power or have the greatest influence on any situation they encounter. The world seems to bend to their will and they are the ones that get things done and have it their way.

One of the reasons why I decided to be professionally trained by iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), one of the world’s leading coach-training programs, is because their methodology offers exactly that, and it contained exactly that which I wanted to be able to offer my clients. In a world of constant change & adjustment, mastering your level of effectiveness is key in obtaining ownership of a successful and fulfilling professional and personal life, because actually, it is your life. Contrary however to fixed thinking about personality traits or gifts one should be born with or otherwise, being a natural and effective influencer, exists of a skill-set anyone can acquire.

A unique and extremely effective way of getting to that high level of engagement and consciousness, is by taking the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI-assessment), an assessment of which also Forbes recognizes its significance in Leadership Development, in their article last week – 11 Assessments every executive should take[1]

“The Energy Leadership Index Assessment provides a unique lens on self-awareness and emotional intelligence, two key ingredients for any leader. Situational awareness of yourself and others is critical for a leader to respond appropriately to the people in their charge. Understanding where you are at any moment and how you respond to stress can make all the difference.” – Larry Boyer, Success Rockets LLC

[1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2018/05/01/11-assessments-every-executive-should-take/2/#a1393852336c

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