Use your imagination for a second. I invite you to think of someone in your work environment who always brings that ‘bad’ vibe. That person who makes people roll their eyes when walking in, who makes people feel like, oh no, it’s you! Most of us know people who come in with that kind of energy; energy that brings people down and in no time affects the entire atmosphere.

Now think of another example. Think of one of those people who, when they walk into a room, everyone responds to with happiness and joy. They bring inspiration and stimulate creative thinking. They are those people in your work environment everyone loves being around.

So, what actually happens when those people engage with others? They have the power to create an incredible impact on the energy of the group one way or another, generating destructive or creative energy. Now why does that happen? That happens because of a phenomenon refereed to as entrainment. The energy those people bring with them, entrains everyone else around them into that same vibe, affecting the entire group and its output. That is the power of energy, and, the power of leadership.

Successful leaders all over the world understand that power, the entrainment of energy. They understand deeply how they influence, inspire and motivate others to generate creative, productive action and sustainable change. The core power of authentic leadership is wrapped in exactly that: how leaders show up, who they are really being and what they are bringing into the world and their work place each and every day that creates these extremely successful and creative win-win environments.

So, what does Energy Leadership[1] Development do? Energy Leadership Development brings acute awareness and know-how to what kind of energies (7 different levels of leadership and their interplay) are directing your life and work environment, and how these are directly influencing the reality of your output, your team’s output, the way people work together and how that inspires failure, success, growth, etc.

Energy Leadership creates a deep understanding of your underlying operating system, as well as the operating system of your business, your organization or your team. It uncovers the subconscious processes that are directing or stagnating change, success and fulfillment.

Energy Leadership Development gives you the opportunity to powerfully influence that underlying operating system and transforming core aspects of your professional environment involving dynamic communication, influencing others, emotional intelligence, time management, productivity, health and wellness, problem solving, decision making, powerful relations and much more.

This research-backed Energy Leadership Development System, utilized by companies such as Boeing, IKEA, the United States Coast Guard, many other businesses as well as tens of thousands of individuals, allows “everyday leaders” from all walks of life to harness and measure energy to achieve success in the workplace, the home, and in the world at large.[2]

We all lead, either by choice or by default. How about you?

If you would want to stay informed on the exciting launch of the new Inner Circle Energy Leadership Mastermind program being released this year, or if you would like to know more about how Energy Leadership can lift you or your team right now to the next level, you can contact me by clicking here.

[1] ©iPEC and based on more than 30 years of research and development


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