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Leadership Development

Minou Hexspoor Coaching

Leadership Development

Are you familiar with the never-ending flow of stress coming your way?
Join my 6-months learning, development & coaching program and step into leadership that lifts you and others to a higher level of performance!

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Equanimous Leadership, Power & Passion

When your days are filled with constant pressure and a never-ending workload, it’s a huge challenge to maintain a healthy and effective approach towards your work and life.

Leading with clarity and focus, with self-awareness, inspiration and satisfaction can feel almost impossible when you are dominated by to-do lists, too many responsibilities and a continuous stream of other people’s problems.

Over the years, you have probably already done substantial work to develop your leadership skills to lead teams and organizations in a highly demanding environment.

You know what it takes to be responsible and responsive continuously to the demands of your professional and personal life.

You are probably more than familiar with the never-ending flow of stress coming your way. It’s part of the job.

Or, is it?

Welcome to Equanimous Leadership

Equanimous Leadership, Power & Passion, is an individual and personalized 6-months transformational learning, development & coaching program.

You will level-up your leadership abilities through developing extreme awareness, new skills and remaking of your leadership approach, regardless of highly demanding situations and environments.

You will learn how to step into exemplary leadership that lifts you and others to a higher level of performance and inspires win-win environments with an abundance of opportunities everywhere around you.

Leadership Development


A tailor-made Leadership Development Plan including the famous ELI Assessment recommended by Forbes, coaching, online and real life learning.

  • individual program
  • group program

For who: 

Professionals in Leadership & Managerial positions

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps you connect to who you authentically are, bring out your individual
leadership vision and transform the two into a leadership style that inspires and motivates others into
positive action and sustainable results.

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