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Everyone is a Leader, Either by Choice or Default

Leadership Coaching



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People in Leadership & Managerial positions, entrepreneurs & business owners

The Manager of the Past

The dictionary defines a manager as someone who controls. Unfortunately for most organization, that definition is taken literally.

Being an effective leader in the twenty-first century requires letting go of the autocratic, dictatorial, controlling stereotype we have witnessed over the last half century.

The Leader of Today & Tomorrow

Today’s leader must be participatory and flexible yet also powerful enough to inspire others. No formula is available that can teach the ideal leadership style, since what works for some people doesn’t work for others, and what works at times doesn’t work all the time.

Any particular leader’s style is based on previous learning and experiences, while the nature of energy–and people as energetic beings–is always changing.

As a consequence, today’s leaders must not only have a great deal of knowledge and experience, they must be flexible and open to change as well.

Leadership Defined

Leadership is simply interaction where influence occurs. The influence can be positive or negative, focused consciously or unintentionally, and the impact can be minimal or maximal.

 A leader is the individual in the interaction who knowingly or unknowingly creates the greater influence in the other person.

Our world tends to define leaders, and therefore leadership, within the context of formally defined roles found within corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and political and community concerns.

True leaders, however, are not confined to office walls and are not limited to specific positions within those walls, but are found in families, groups, sports, education, health fields, and within all levels and roles in small and large organizations.

“Organization” as referred to in the Energy Leadership System, means two or more people, in any walk of life, who are working or communicating together for a similar goal or purpose.)

Also keep in mind that, in addition to the above, leadership includes self-leadership, which is the ability to motivate yourself to do what you desire to do.

Everyone is a Leader, Either by Choice or Default

Every interaction presents the opportunity to lead and have a positive impact on others.

The Energy Leadership System teaches individuals to consciously choose to use their ability to influence and impact others to bring about results that are positive for themselves, others, their organization, and its stakeholders.

Great leaders are not only able to motivate, inspire, and bring out greatness in others, but also in themselves. The question isn’t whether or not you are a leader; the question is… how will you lead?


Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps you connect to who you authentically are, bring out your individual
leadership vision and transform the two into a leadership style that inspires and motivates others into
positive action and sustainable results.

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