Healthy Boundaries

The Conscious Leader

Healthy Boundaries

The Conscious Leader

Leadership is ability to motivate oneself and others into positive action to create extraordinary results that last

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Lead with Impact & Passion

As a leader you ultimately hold the ownership of how people, teams and the organization show up and perform. Whatever is created, whatever you stimulate and allow and encourage people to display, is defined by your ability to set healthy boundaries.

Healthy Boundaries form the framework of effective leadership, because they inform:

  • How a vision is created and what it stands for
  • The direction you set in which people move forward and the activities they engage in to do so.
  • The organizational culture, energy and emotional atmosphere within which people falter or thrive
  • The connectivity within the organization and the unity between people and teams
  • The values and belief systems the organization and its employees embody
  • The  Level of influence and empowerment people experience
  • The kind of professional development and performance employees engage in
  • The way people learn from how you model self-leadership, including healthy boundaries as drivers for success

The kind of boundaries you set as a leader facilitate, hinder, block, complicate, create and manifest success on all levels of leadership. The flourishing and performance of an organization depends on you and your Healthy Boundaries as a Conscious Leader.


The FastLane

An individual Coaching & Development Program that enables leaders to:

  • Utilize 7 Levels of Leadership that help people’s brains work better, and activate their intrinsic motivation and performance
  • Create your Healthy Leadership Boundaries for an optimal emotional, cultural and energetic atmosphere that fuels organizational growth
  • Facilitate thinking patterns that drive results from a win-win perspective
  • Establish New Realities for a fulfilling work-life balance
  • Lead yourself from the highest levels of Energy Leadership so you can make a real impact where and with whom you choose to
  • Build high performing, energetic teams
  • Lead from a place of Joy & Self Care
  • Walk the Talk

For who:

Leaders of organizations and departments


Each moment describes Who You Are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s Who You Want to Be

– iPEC Foundation Principle

The R.O.I. for Working with an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioners (ELI-MP) are results driven. Your return on investment can be measured by the achievement of your goals, including tangible results that are easily measured such as more income, less time spent working, greater productivity by employees or associates, better reported stakeholder satisfaction and more. Returns can also include less tangible items such as a general sense of control, more peace of mind, joy, and a greater sense of freedom and/or fulfillment.

You should expect a tremendous return on your investment when working with an ELI-MP.

ELI-MPs are professionals who are not only trained and certified in the delivery of the Energy Leadership Development System, but who are also fully trained and certified professional life, small business, and corporate coaches.

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