Conscious Leadership

Coaching Culture

Functional Empathy

Healthy Boundaries

Clarity, Passion and Impact













Conscious Leadership

Coaching Culture

Functional Empathy

Healthy Boundaries

Clarity, Passion and Impact

Are you longing to:

Stop feeling drained and start feeling fulfilled?

Make a difference with your skills and potential?

Contribute in useful and successful way?

Use your natural skills and inner power?

Prioritize self-care?

Lead yourself and others with passion and inspiration?

Put your energy into what really matters?

Work in a inspiring environment?

Establish healthy boundaries?

Stay true to yourself at all times?

Minou Hexspoor - Life & Leadership Coaching

Conscious Leadership is not about what you do, it is about who you are being while you are doing.

Minou Hexspoor

Conscious Leadership: Welcome to a New Reality

Current approaches in business, organizations and leadership are rarely meeting the needs and desires of the world today. Establishing different results and ways of working, require a new approach and a different kind of leadership.

Our coaching and training programs help leaders and professionals bring out their intrinsic power, and create healthy and highly inspiring teams that are a vital asset to the organization, community and stakeholders.

Our work is based on the belief that Functional Empathy™ is the foundation of any conscious growth process and lasting success. How we show up collectively every day, defines how we lead ourselves, how we lead others, how we impact our communities and, eventually, the world.

You too, are a contribution to that collective every single day, and we are here to help you bring out the best version of yourself, purposely driven by your skills and potential. Why? So you can do the same for others; to perform, to thrive, to manifest and lift your organization to the next level.


A New Approach: Functional Empathy™

We can think of the empathy as a spectrum. Some people are naturally gifted empaths while others might wonder what all that empathy talk is really about. Where you are on the Functional Empathy™ Scale, is an indication of how functional and effective empathy is working for you and others. Knowing how you are putting empathy to practice as a value, trait and skill, is the starting point of implementing Functional Empathy™.
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Healthy Boundaries: Staying True To Yourself

Creating Healthy Boundaries can be quite complicated when you are used to always naturally knowing and anticipating the needs of others. Learning to listen to yourself and overcoming the inner and outer blocks that get in your way, are essential to be able to live life based on self-care and self-actualization.

Our Joyride coaching & mentoring program helps you to identify, establish and uphold the essential conditions needed in a demanding environment. Your boundaries can be a source of joy, peacefulness and fulfillment for you and the people around you.

Minou Hexspoor - Life & Leadership Coaching

Make It Happen


In March 2020 during COVID-19 lockdown, Minou and her husband embarked on an unexpected sixty days photo project full of imagination, magic, and joy, in the confines of their home.

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